Techniques and Processes for Digital Forensics

디지털포렌식을 위한 기술과 절차 연구

  • Search and Collection of Potential Digital Evidence
  • Digital Forensics in IoT world
  • Cybersecurity Incident Response
  • Copyright Infringement Response
  • Multi-source Data Integration and Correlation Analysis

Laws and Policies for Digital Forensics

디지털포렌식을 위한 법과 정책 연구

  • Legal issues and challenges arising from digital forensic investigations and evidence collection
  • Digital forensics cooperation between countries and international legal regulations
  • Legal Issues of Privacy in Digital Forensics Investigation
  • How digital forensics is used in judicial proceedings and the process of being recognized as legal evidence
  • The relevance of digital forensics to recent changes in law and policy

Development of Digital Forensic Infrastructures

디지털포렌식 인프라 발전에 관한 연구

  • Development of reference data set DB that stores hash values of various operating systems and software
  • Making a short educational video of various knowledge related to digital forensics 
  • Develop tools by using our source code for digital forensics investigation sites 

Other areas applicable to digital forensics

디지털포렌식에 적용 가능한 다양한 분야

  • Applies to classifying digital evidence or speculating source using highly accurate AI models 
  • Applicable to areas that analyze newly released embedded devices such as drones and automobiles 
  • Applies to fund flow tracking survey of digital cryptocurrencies using in darkweb market